Juniper SA700 Multiple Session Login on Same User ID


My customer has Juniper SA700 in their environment, by default SA 700 only allow a single session login on same user ID. It will disconnect the first session if it detected 2nd login session from same user ID.
Is there a way on the SA700 to work around this? I need a login ID to be able to login into the SA 700 for 2 concurrent session.
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AntonVQConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Why do you wish to have same user login from two concurrent locations; this is breach of security IMO.
This can sometimes be justified, ie a user connecting using a mobile device for mail etc and another login for the actual desktop machine.

Either way, this can be done on the larger units but as the SA700 is not a fully featured SA device, we may not be able to action this.

However, if you go to the "User Realms" section and click on the authentication policy and then "limits", we can set the number of concurrent connections.  Plus we will need to configure the Signing In -> Sign-in Policies to allow the multiple connections as well.

However, bear in mind, this affects ALL users defined in this realm so everyone will be able to have more than one connection.
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AntonVQAuthor Commented:
dpk - i know but customer require this, and they wanted this :)

deimark - i tried but still not working, the sa will log off the other sessions once there is same ID login.
is there a read up on larger unit which indicates they support this feature?

All the bigger devices do what you need here bud. The SA2500, 4500 and 6500 plus the new MAG series.

Info and docs can be found under Drill into the version of IVE you have and more details will be there bud
AntonVQAuthor Commented:
It is a knowledge base info posted by vendor
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