Public Facing SharePoint 2010 Template & Administration Question

I will be working on a public facing SharePoint 2010 site and I just have a couple questions. I have looked through the forums which helped with the majority of my questions but I just need some more info on the following:

1) How does a person make changes to the SharePoint site? Such as modifying/adding pages? In a normal intranet environment a user will automatically be given the correct access levels based on their login. Would a user administrate the SharePoint site by logging into the public site through Forms Authentication?

2) Templates - When working on intranet sites, I normally re-use the existing SharePoint templates and make some small modifications. A public site will need to have a further custom/look and feel. What would be the best approach to making a new designed template? Something along the lines of: How much customisation is involved customising a site like this (front end)?

Thanks for any help.
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Christopher WhiteTeam LeadCommented:
Recommended in my books but being that SharePoint 2010 in public facing sites is relatively new. Others point of view may differ.

Some may find that the Publishing enabled site is good enough. where you have separation from the editors and the published viewable content. It works aswell.

Our company found that creating content push jobs suited us better. Personally think is the better option. You can view it as the visitors would. Can catch mistakes better before publishing. Give you that extra buffer.

Any-ways that's my 2 cents  

Christopher WhiteTeam LeadCommented:

1:On my personal experience on the first matter. FB-Authentication can be very messy if you are not very strict. I used a easy to implement solution which does the setup of the SQL database + all the Web.Config amendments.

**There is a nice gui for the Admin's to manage the users and groups.** On my project I disabled the ability for FBA users to create content. I used a publishing environment and pushed changes from a staging setup.

2: Templates are a mine field if you are doing the customizing. Particularly if your the only one doing it. If you have the time if now I would use and a pre-built extremely well coded template.

** Have used in the past and its a breeze.

Hope you fine either useful in your project, good luck.
R1ND3RAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply.

Just so I got this clear. You have a seperate SharePoint environment where you make your content modifications and then you push them to your public environment?
Christopher WhiteTeam LeadCommented:

We use content Deployment Jobs to push content updates to the live environment.
R1ND3RAuthor Commented:
Would you say thats the recommended approach to managing a public SharePoint site? Sorry for all the questions. I will mark yours as an answer. :-)
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