Outlook & Echange Sync Issues

We are running an Exchange 2007 environment with Outlook 2010 clients. Now the issue I have is that we share a contacts folder which is located in the Public Folder. Everyone accesses this and make changes when required which seems to work but we have noticed some sync issues. Is there a way to change the times the syncing between Exchange and Outlook happens or any other parameters that we can update?

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Ahmed786Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Below jobs can be done by Business Contact Manager.

Create separate Business Contact records (Business Contact record: The location for storing Business Contact information, including information that is entered on the Business Contact form, linked records, and communication history items.) for people you do business with.

Create Account records (Account record: The location for storing Account information, including information that is entered on the Account form, linked records, and communication history items.) for companies (company: A commercial organization or a small business.) you do business with, and link your Business Contacts to these Accounts.

Track new leads (lead: A potential customer who must be contacted by a salesperson and either qualified or disqualified as a sales opportunity.) or Opportunities (Opportunity: The chance to sell your products or services to an Account or Business Contact.) as they develop into customers (customer: A person or company to whom your company sells products or services.) or vendors.

Create and track Business Projects (Business Project: A project that is created in Business Contact Manager for Outlook. A Business Project is made up of one or several project tasks.), and assign project tasks (task: A personal or work-related project, assignment, or errand to track through completion.) to other members of your team.
Create, promote, and track Marketing Campaigns (Marketing Campaign: A marketing program that uses many communication vehicles, for example, ads and direct mail, to accomplish a specific result, such as increasing marketing share, introducing new products, or retaining customers.) for the most effective use of your resources towards building a more profitable business.

Link communication history items (communication history item: An item such as an appointment, business note, e-mail message, file, or task that is linked to an Account, Business Contact, Opportunity, or Business Project.) to your Account and Business Contact records, including business notes (business note: Enables a user to log the details of a business communication or transaction, and to link it with the history of an Account, Business Contact, Opportunity, or Business Project.), phone logs (phone log: The details of a phone call which may be linked with the communication history of an Account, Business Contact, Opportunity, or a Business Project.), tasks, e-mail messages, appointments, and files.

Share all this data with selected team members, and take your data with you on a portable computer. Update the data as you meet with customers or vendors on the road, and synchronize the information the next time you connect to the main database.

Integrate these records with your accounting system (accounting system: The accounting program.), so that you can monitor the financial health of your business.
Its not possible from server you have to go with third party software, as one of them is mentioned below.

Something I do on projects to share contacts is just type contacts into an excel sheet.  Even if just for a list of email addresses.
You can click on any email address listed and it instantly opens a blank email that is addressed to the recipient.
Users have a shortcut to the file anywhere they want it on their computer, email, etc.

you can export/import with it too.
QuarmAuthor Commented:

Do you thin OUtlook Business Contact Manager would do the job?

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