Access SQL get rid of spaces

I am using the following Access SQL statement to find distinct values.
How do I update the statement so that it shaves any spaces off the side of the word.
For example one of the text values came up as " Parents"

"SELECT DISTINCT [Applicable to] FROM [Table1] Where [School] = 'Saints'"
Murray BrownMicrosoft Cloud Azure/Excel Solution DeveloperAsked:
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Pratima PharandeCommented:

Update  [Table1]
set [Applicable to] = Trim([Applicable to])
Lee SavidgeCommented:
Use Trim()

"SELECT DISTINCT [Applicable to] FROM [Table1] Where [School] = trim('Saints')"
"SELECT DISTINCT [Applicable to] FROM [Table1] Where trim([School]) = 'Saints'"
Alpesh PatelAssistant ConsultantCommented:
Using trim function.
Murray BrownMicrosoft Cloud Azure/Excel Solution DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thank you both
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