Why SLES 10 SP1 system can't detect external HDD?

This is using Suse Linux Enterprise server 32 bit 10 SP1. Recently, I plug-in a USB-based external HDD, and to my surprise, this HDD is not detected. When I typed "mount", "fdisk -l", "df -h", "dmesg", not sight of this HDD is detected, why?

If automount is not possible, how about doing a manual mount?
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Issue these command

lshal | grep 'block.device'

If you still don't find it, there is probably a driver issue.
Are you able to mount the same disk on other system? If yes then there could be possibality of faulty USB port or USB is disabled in BIOS.

Have you tried to plug the USB cable in different port?

BalackAuthor Commented:
Use other way and successfully detect
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