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Using hyperlinks in infopath2003 forms with sharepoint2003 doc/form libraries??


I've created a handy dandy form that appears to be fully working as intended; it submits it's XML file to a sharepoint form library and maps some columns to a content type so they can be viewed along with it directly from sharepoint.

I have 2 fields in my forms for URLs... one is for a Wiki link and the other is for a Discussion link.

Ideally, when this form is submitted and reviewed, the reviewer will open a discussion list on the same site for people to discuss the request. I want them to be able to take the URL to that particular discussion and insert it in the form to link them up, so to speak.

The same would apply for the wiki... once the issue is resolved, it would be added to the wiki to retain the knowledge and document it for future requestors.

When trying to submit the discussion URL in the form, the form takes it fine, and saves it/retains it. However, the column in the form library doesn't... I presume it's a length issue because the sharepoint URLs are disgustingly long.

So - I need a way around this. Either I take it out of the form library sharepoint view and turn it into an easily clickable link inside the form itself...   or ... well I don't know how else to solve this.

Maybe keep my text box/hyperlink field... and somehow make a link/button that opens the website referenced in a particular field inside the form?

Help :(    (I'm not using browser-enabled forms by the way, because I can't... if that makes a difference)
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Clay FoxDirector of Business IntegrationCommented:
Putting the hyperlink into the InfoPath form is quite easy.
just add a hyperlink control and point it at the field, you can even have a formatting rule which hides it if blank.

another option to research is relative paths in SP. so instead of needing the whole path you only need how to get there from your form library. not sure if that helps but you could look into it.
runelynxAuthor Commented:
Ahh the dynamic hyperlink field will have to work then!

I'll keep relative SP paths in mind though - some of these links are just insanely long!

thanks :)
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