Determining boxes per layer in Excel

I have what I thought would be easy but is not.  Can someone suggest a formula/fucntion to figure the following:

How many boxes that are X x Y inches can fit on a pallet that is XX x YY inches without over hanging.  I thought this would be easy by just dividing the areas of each and rounding down but it does not work correctly because you might have a 4 inch strip around the outside permiter that technically has enough area for another box BUT the box is constrained to its own dimensions.

So for example if I have a 12x12 inch box I know (using common sense) it would get 12 boxes (4x3) on a 48x45 inch pallet.
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drhamel69Author Commented:
I figured it out myself.  :)

=MAX(INT(UnitLoadLength / ContLength) * INT(UnitLoadWidth / ContainerWidth), INT(UnitLoadWidth / ContLength) * INT(UnitLoadLength / ContainerWidth))
drhamel69Author Commented:
I figured out a formula myself after posting my question and not getting any responses.
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