Skype Privacy settings are not saved

I changed many times the privacy settings to accept messages only from my contacts in skype preferences.
after I close this setting jump back to everyone and I keep receiving annoying messages all the time.
I found many people with the same problem in skype forum, without solution...
is there any solution for this problem.
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jackdaniel_chinaAuthor Commented:
skype support give some tips, but actually we did nothing else and it stopped....
1. Select Skype->Preference->Privacy.
2. Set all options to "Contacts"
3. Exit then, restart Skype.
4. The "Allow Messages From" setting was not saved and is reset back to "Anyone" .


1. Quit Skype.
2. Delete the file User/Library/Preferences/
3. Launch Skype.

jackdaniel_chinaAuthor Commented:
Sorry Dude, but none of these options work out.

option 1) Allow Messages from: always reset back to Anyone after I restart skype.

option 2) it just start skype as it was the first time I used it, but the option Allow Messages from: comes as Anyone...
jackdaniel_chinaAuthor Commented:
jackdaniel_chinaAuthor Commented:
the problem disappear...
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