SharePoint 2010: Adding Lookup as additional field

Good morning!

I have three lists:
- Project (ID, Title)
- Backlogs (ID, Feature Name, Title (Project) FK, etc)
- Sprint Tasks (ID, Task Name, Feature Name (Backlogs) FK, etc)

In the Sprint Tasks list, I have a reference the Backlog's Feature Name as a Lookup value:
- Column Type : Lookup
- Get Information From: Backlogs
- In This Column: Feature Name

I am looking at the check box list: "Add a column to show each of these additional fields:", and I noticed that the Backlogs.FeatureName does not exist.

I've read online that Lookup column types are not supported as "additional field" types.  This makes little sense to me as I have a ligitimate need to display the project title for the backlog assigned to the sprint task.

Any ideas?
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Unfortunately no...
1. Create a hidden field, say ProjTitle and update it with the selected Project through a eventhandler/workflow
2. Use the Cascading lookup control (3rd party option) to link the lists and then filter it
3. Use SharePoint designer to create a custom page and link the lists.
UnionblitzAuthor Commented:
I think the Backlogs .FeatureName will actually be in the lookup field and the "additional" fileds are displayed in the checkbox list you are referring to. Am i missing something?
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UnionblitzAuthor Commented:
abhitriq, thank you for posting.  
1. The "Sprint Tasks" list uses the Backlogs "FeatureName" lookup, yes.
2. The "additional" fields displayed doesn't show the [Backlogs].[Projects].[Title] field.

Is there a way to fix this?
UnionblitzAuthor Commented:
UnionblitzAuthor Commented:
unfortunately this is the closest answer to this problem.
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