UserBackup Solution

Hello Experts,
We are looking for user data backup solution with below req:

1.    Supports Open File and Open PST file ( Inuse) backup
2.    We need to manage the deployment and later backup/restore centrally from a single server.  
3.    Can  set the priority (CPU/RAM Usage) for backup job.

Pls suggest if you know any good solution

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cjrmail2kConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok, do you have a netbackup infrastructure in place? There is a client available for workstations. There are also some open source solutions but most of them fall short on good dedupe.

Iron mountain have a product that is for clients too and is very good but more pricy.

Both netbackup and Iron Mountain's offering have dedupe that works well as well as versioning. This means you only back up the original data once and then daily backups are only changed files after the seed is complete.
We need more information,

What is your budget
How many users
Average amount of data per user?
Type of data? (ie. pst's or office documents)
Do you want to back up to a provider or in-house?
Do yuo want dedupe/block level backup?
ociadminAuthor Commented:
What is your budget -- Not very expensive
How many users -  approx. 250
Average amount of data per user? -- 4 Gb
Type of data? (ie. pst's or office documents) - pst, office files, autocad files
Do you want to back up to a provider or in-house?- in house
Do yuo want dedupe/block level backup? - dedup is preferable
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Another solution you use is Symantec's Backup exec 2010. It supports Dedup, and you can also purchase the module for your mail client, ie exchange which will allow you restore individual mails from those mailboxes if need be.

You can also allocate the priority on the other machines so you don kill the machine being backed up.
We have an office of around 200 users and don't have any problems with this solution.

You can also have a look to PSTStation Corporate ( that allows backup while pst is in use, incremental backup (message level), centrally management of the backup and the restore, and many other like discover PST file on the network, statistics, ...
Sounds like would work for you.
ociadminAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions
I know this question is already closed, but Backup Exec is a great tool. Try a trial version of it and see what you think.
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