New SharePoint 2010 Farm, Health Analyser Issues

I have a 3 tier SP2010 farm, brand new. The health analyser gives the following issues that I can't figure out:

1) Application pools recycle when memory limits are exceeded. No app pool name given and double checked all the app pools dont have this limit set..
2) Missing server side dependencies. Some blogs mention visiting the search pages to get rid of this but it doesn't help
3) The server farm account should not be used for other services (specifies the User Profile Sync Service). This seems to contradict the MS instructions that say you can only use the Farm account for the UPS server.. so is it safe to ignore or can I change it from the farm account).

I have the exact same errors in the test system (same architecture)...

Any help appreciated!
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1- check all the content web applications have this option checked to recycle at some time (AM) it picks time automatically .For sec token web app and all other services web applications and SharePoint web service root  no recycling option is checked . .  i think they had nothing to recycle .

2- Missing server side dependencies is kind of weird issue. You will have to dig deep   uls logs and see if there was any feature that is missing on server. Normally it comes up when you migrate some site or data abase migration result that issue too. But if it shows up there is not harm that i can guarantee you . we had this issue for some time and now  it’s gone . Visiting search page and resetting IIS can remove it for a while but not permanent

3- I confirm with Spencer Harbar (UP King ) he said ignore this warning its a bug , might be fixed in future but UPS  will not work  with admin account . so ummm .

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GeorgeFromTheBankAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot, very helpful! So items 2 and 3 are solved already.

For item 1, the application pools. All the recycling settings are OK - none of the applciation pools are set to recycle at any time. The error actually says:

Application pools recycle when memory limits are exceeded.
0 - Rule Execution Failure
The system cannot find the path specified.

So its more like the rule doesn't have enough access to see what the app pool settings are?
GeorgeFromTheBankAuthor Commented:
Interestingly, there is an extra app pool 'SharePoint Web Services Root' that is stopped by default in IIS. When I start that and reanalyse the health job the alert changes from Error1 'Rule Execution Failure' to

2 - Warning
The application pools named [blank]  are configured to recycle when memory limits are exceeded...

So it looks like it can now read the settings, but it still can't get the settings
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Sharepoint Web Service Root in my mahcine is running and not sure why it is always astopped when you configure new farm . any way good thing you started it . let us know if you still have this issue. Thanks
GeorgeFromTheBankAuthor Commented:
I started it but the error persists (just a slightly different wording - see above)
So it looks like it can now read the settings, but it still can't get the settings

which settings you are talking about . is it advance settings in app pool ?
GeorgeFromTheBankAuthor Commented:
Well the error says "Application pools recycle when memory limits are exceeded" so in IIS, for each app pool i'm checking by right-clicking and choosing 'Recycling' and making sure the memory fields are empty...
GeorgeFromTheBankAuthor Commented:
2/3 answered, thanks
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