Laptop install problems after drink spill

Hi I am trying to revive a laptop for a friend who spilt a sugary drink over it (and possibly dropped it!) It is an Advent 5312.
I replaced the hard drive as that was just clicking with death rattles, put in a new hard drive and tried to install Vista again.  The install failed at expanding files at various percentages. Tried reformatting and a different vista install disk still no luck, changed the optical drive still failure. tried another hard drive that is in fact failing and hey presto I was able to install. Figured the hard drive I bought was duff did a chkdsk /f and found 8bytes of bad disk so sent it back. Another new hard drive later and still the same.
This time I tried my win 7 ultimate disk and am getting the same error
"The file  or directory C:\windows\infIEM is corrupt blah blah blah" "windows cannot install install required files........Error Code 0x80070570"
I am now trying to do a memory test but are there any ideas out there
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nsx106052Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I would first start by checking to make sure the CD is clean and not scratched. The next step would be to go to the BIOS and possibly turn on Legacy mode for the hard drive.  Then try re-installing.  

If that doesn't fix the issue.  You could try downloading the ultimate boot CD and then scan the memory and perform other diagnostics to find the issue.  
rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I was also going to suggest running memtest86+, but it seems you are doing that already. If the RAM is fine inside that PC (possibly the RAM itself tests out bad in that PC, but is OK in another, which would point to a bad Mainboard or RAM slot), either try using another DVD Drive to install from, or try installing via a USB stick. A good tool for creating USB sticks to install Windows 7 from is rt7lite (google for it, I can't get to the site currently). I believe it works for Vista too.

Another thing, a chkdsk doesn't really tell you if an HD is bad or not, it just tells you the state of the file-system. To test the HD you should use the manufacturer's diagnostic utility. You'll find that on the UBCD:

Dk_guruConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For a drink spill, I normally tear the entire laptop down and clean it as I reassemble it....

It sounds like you may have bad ram or a power issue.

Check for remaining syrup on the traces (on the main board) around the controller chipset....
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I was able to get to the site now, here is the link:

You can also slipstream the last servicepack into the install media with it, a very good tool....
mosseddAuthor Commented:
While I am waiting for all the utilities to finish, can anyone try to explain why a failing HD would allow an install whereas a shiny new one would not?
As a postnote to the original question I even cloned the failing disk and put that image onto new disk but to no avail!?
Sorry, no Idea.
i would clean the mobo first - as said above
rince it under water, and brush with a soft brush till the sugar is gone
dry it up as well as you can, then allow to dry for a couple of days  or dry it with an hairdryer
mosseddAuthor Commented:
Thanks Nobus will try that soon haven't the time at the moment unfortunately. Strangely enough I currently have it running with the failing hard drive as mentioned in the original post (am so confused by that)
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i would test the disks with the proper manufacturer diag (chkdsk is not a disk diag)
find all here :            

note that the disk diag tests also the motherboard disk controller
is all ok now? or do you have other Q's?
mosseddAuthor Commented:
Hi all thanks for all your comments  and advice.
The owner of lap top needs fast (for their business)  they want to get another so will be selling for someone to spend time with that fortunately I won't have to;) would like to split points if no-one objects to that.
mosseddAuthor Commented:
sorry for not closing the question I forgot completely I accept the moderators notice
This question has been classified as abandoned and is closed as part of the Cleanup Program. See the recommendation for more details.
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