iPad 2 receiving "Cannot Get Mail. The connection to the server failed" after changing Exchange ActiveSync policy.

I have a user that has been setup with an iPad and iPhone for a while.  I have applied a password policy to his Exchange account to test using the Exchange built in tools.  After applying the policy, he receives "Cannot Get Mail. The connection to the server failed" on both devices rather than the expected prompt to change his password to continue syncing.
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Found this

I had a similar problem and suggested workaround worked for me as well.

Here is what I think was the root cause. My Exchange server enforces security policy so all mobile devices must be protected by a password before any data from Exchange is synchronized. The problem is that iPhone does not show that message to you and simply fails the connection.

To workaround, really, after the account already setup and failed go ahead change "Mail days to sync" (I've chosen unlimited). Once you do that, you'll be prompted to protect your device with a password. And once you have set the password, you can change this option back to your desired setting and everything will work now.
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A few things you might want to check:
1.  Make sure the account isn't locked out.
2.  Check that the password isn't expiring.  If it is have the user log in to a pc and change it then update the devices and try reconnecting.
3.  Double check your active sync policy for problems.
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The feature you are describing doesn't work on iPAD and iPhone. If you need the user to change his password, you can do this by editing the Password Policy on the GPO "Default domain policy". What you are doing here is trying to force the mobile device to set a lock password that will prevent access to the device entirely if you do not know the DEVICE password. It is not related to the users password in AD.

Hope this saves you some time and effort. :)
vbaccountAuthor Commented:
Can you close this question please? I gave you the answer on this one, even though it dint't help you. At least you know it's not supported and hopefully didn't waste any time on this.
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