An alternative to Microsoft Hierarchical FlexGrid for 64bit application

In our application, we use Microsoft Hierarchical FlexGrid ActiveX control in several places. The application itself is now written mostly in .NET but still something like one third of modules are ActiveX controls (which in turn use other ActiveX controls, like FlexGrid). Now, we're porting the application to 64bit code. Problem is, that MSHFLXGD is available only in 32bit version.
We do not want to refactor all MFC/ActiveX modules, we're only searching for an alternative to FlexGrid control. It should be reasonably easy to replace MSHFLXGD with this alternative control, without too much altering its client MFC/ActiveX module. Please, suggest such alternative.

Requirements on the control - we do not use "hierarchical" feature of the flexgrid - only flat table. What we need is to define different editors and renderers for a cells - custom graphics, editbox, combobox, color rect with sample raising color selection dialog, same for font... Something like PropertyGrid in C#, but without categories, tabs and tooltip area.

Main criteria is how easy is to replace flexgrid in MFC/ActiveX control with the new control (and of course, it has to be 64 bit).

Thanks in advance.
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ccbuilderConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Resolved: We have chosen MS property grid from VS2008 SDK kit as the replacement of the flex grid.
Kindly Check this Link for more Information.
ccbuilderAuthor Commented:

thanks for the link, but this is just confirmation there's no 64bit version of mshflxgd. I need something to run in 64bit process. So I'm looking for an alternative with transition effort as low as possible.
ccbuilderAuthor Commented:
Somehow all other proposals were not as good as ours :)
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