Why won't Exchange 2003 accept mail from our new Spam Filter?

Our Ironport Spam Filter has come up for renewal and we are wanting to entertain other options. The problem that we are having is that Exchange seems keyed to only accept incoming mail from the Ironport. We are testing out Mail Cleaner Community Edition and have tried giving it the IP that the Ironport had.

It can receive mail from our Firewall just fine, but it cannot pass that mail to the Exchange Server. We have tried disabling all AV protection on the Exchange Server and that has not helped. It seems like it is hardwired to only accept mail from the Ironport by some identification other than IP. Where would such a setting be?
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spiderwilk007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't use Ironport, but in my spam filter I have to designate the IP address of my Exchange server for domain routing and as a verification server or it will not forward mail to Exchange.
Under the Smtp Settings in Exchange on the access tab is the old server setup under the connection control.  We setup our servers to only get mail from our spam filters this way.

 SMTP Server
CCB-TechAuthor Commented:
This helped but the primary problem was with with the Spam Appliance itself. But this information did help us!
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