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Is it possible to install Linux package by package?

Dear experts,

I have some packages that is given me problems, I can’t remove it because it will remove many dependencies, which cause whole system to crash. I am thinking to install linux (RHEL6) package by package, is that possible at all?

5 Solutions
You can delete packages without removing all dependencies

rpm -e --nodeps <package>

Second:  When you install Redhat, you have to pick a least number of packages at least and then you can install package by package.
You can install the minimal RHEL (http://wiki.centos.org/FAQ/CentOS5#head-c79c201900d22f163a445f134fcc6c916eb3cb6e) and add from there.

Alternatively, if you aren't confined to RHEL, you can try another more minimal distribution. (e.g. Debian or Gentoo or even Linux From Scratch).
It isn't possible to install package by package because some of the core packages are interdependent on each other.

But you can install a minimal core and then add optional software package by package.

This is how I do it all the time.

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Its possible to install linux packge by packge but you need to know all dependencies. These is why there are realeases. But when you finish, a year as passed.!!!!!
Is better to upgrade packges, reinstall . Try to use gnome or kde packger manager with -NODEPS.
> I have some packages that is given me problems
Which package you have problem and what's the problem, i.e. error message?
We might be able to help you on that.
uknet80Author Commented:
Thanks for all your response.

uknet80Author Commented:
I got the picture thanks.

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