Have a ip address / gateway problem with a Netgear DGN1000. unit assigns wrong gateway each morning

Have just installed a netgear DGN1000 DSL modem/switch.  Have assigned it an IP address other that factory original. After initial configuration, I can get on the internet just fine.  But during next day start the DHCP assigned an IP address to the computer a gateway different than that of router. I have to go to CMND prompt to release and renew ipconfig to successfully get a correct IP address/Gateway to  I can get on the net. how can i fix this?

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Is there another router on the network? Also make sure there is only one dhcp scope
do an ipconfig /all to make sure that you're getting your IP address from the DHCP server that you think you are. There could be a second DHCP server on the network.
parts8Author Commented:
hunting for rogue wireless router. if found this may be the solution. thank you for input so far. stay tuned
parts8Author Commented:
helped point direction but did not provide complete solution
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