Applications Will Not Launch When I Embed The Citrix Web Interface Into A Frame On Our Intranet

I am trying to get a new installation of XenApp 5 working.  I have published all my applications and can access them when I go to the web interface page directly.

However, When I embed the web interface into a frame that resides in our existing intranet, I am not able to launch applications.  I click on a published application, but NOTHING happens.

I'm running WI version 5.4 on Windows 2008 standard.  Could someone please help with this?
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wolverine_mdtAuthor Commented:
No answer provided.  I'm closing this.
Dirk KotteSECommented:
uninstall the citrix client and check if the lounc.ica file are downloaded if you click the icon.
check the iis-logfiles.
wolverine_mdtAuthor Commented:
Noboady was able to answer this.
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