hp color laserjet cm6040

dear all
i have printer HP color laser jet cm6040 and I’ve an issue with the scanned file (PDF File). Why the papers/documents scanned and saved inside the PDF as an image not as text or mixed between text and image in order to be able to search for words?
best regards
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will have to use an OCR software on your PC to convert the text part in the picture to text. But be aware that the recognition rate will never be 100% accurate, so you check through the resulting text yourself after that and correct any errors you find.

Most printer manufacturers include a simple OCR tool with their Printer software, so I suggest checking the installation CD you got with the Printer. If there is nothing included, check the Wikipedia Link below, it explains what OCR is, and at the bottom there are links to both free OCR tools and commercial OCR tools:

Scanners will always interpret the scans as a picture, in order to interpret it as text you would need an OCR software, and for such software to run you need more than a simple scanner, but rather a full fledged PC. Also we people see the page as a picture, but we have a large brain which, provided we are literate, can recognize text in such a picture and translate that.
ashraf2002Author Commented:
i need solution depending on what i have ?
ashraf2002Author Commented:
dear rindi
I know that OCR can convert PDF to searchable PDF but I wanted the printer to do it on the way of transferring the file to the shared folder as Xerox printer does. In Xerox Printer, I chose the file type as PDF and then I chose the format as either Image or searchable PDF, then I click scan and the file saved in the shared folder as searchable PDF if I selected the searchable PDF option, and hence there’s no need to use any OCR software. In HP printer, there is an option called optimize for text, Image, or mixed (text and image), but the result will not be affected by playing with these options.
HP is a respectable company and this heavy duty and high end model I have should be at least a competitor to others regarding the features and performance, what do you think
best regards
Davis McCarnConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
That printer does not have built-in OCR; but, "The Readiris OCR program is included on a separate CD-ROM that shipped with the product. To use the Readiris program, install it from the appropriate software CD-ROM, and then follow the instructions in the online Help."
You should be able to use ReadIris to convert the PDF's to Word, WordPerfect, etc.
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