Windows Server 2k8 32 or 64 bits

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People use to say that if you are going to use less than 4gb, you would go a Win7 32 bits. If more than this, 64 bits, obviously because of the memory limits.
My question is about the server. I am about to install a new server to test Backup Exec (believe me or not, we were using a Pentium 3 with 1GB ram).
I am not planning to use more than 4GB for RAM becase as you could see, 1GB was supporting the backup. I have both licenses (32 and 64 bits), so I was wondering if a 32 bits would be enough or even improve perfomance because of the RAM assigned.
It´s virtualized server, so assigning more vCPUs or RAM will improve Data Transfer?
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Darius GhassemCommented:
32-bit will be fine to run the backup software. You can run 64-bit though this is a better performance gainer because of the read and writeablility of the version. I would always go with 64-bit even though you aren't using more then 4Gb of RAM.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
A Pentium III is 32 bit only.  There are no 64 bit Pentium III systems.  You can only use x86 versions (32 bit) of Windows on that system
ExileD-GoDAuthor Commented:
Ahh sorry I forgot to say that I am not using the same hardware.
Like I told, it´s a VM... The host is a HP DL 380 G5 (ESX Server)
I'm not sure if knowing whether the VM Host is running HyperV or VMware or Xen makes a difference, but I would go with 64 bits unless you plan to use principally 32-bit applications. 32-bit only server software will likely soon have 64-bit versions anyway.
ExileD-GoDAuthor Commented:
Well I was looking for a reason to use 64 instead of 32 and dariusg gave one (better performance beucase of the rede and writeablility.
It was not a full or detailed information and there is no link o documentation speaking about that so I am giving a B.
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