Help calculating employees on duty per hour in excel

Hi, I am trying to find out the best way to setup an excel spreedsheet to help calculate the number of employees I have scheduled to work per hour. I have a bunch of shifts, and several teams.

I have several teams, example team 1, team 2, team 3, etc.
Each team has 9 to 15 employees on them. I need to somehow figure out how much employees working at any given hour for a 24hr period.   Not sure I have explained it correctly, but hope someone can give me a head start.

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sstampfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am attaching a sample file for your reference. If you capture the records as I have shown, any excel expert here can help you build formulas/logic to automatically generate reports for the following:
1) At a specific time how many employees were present in office.
2) At a specific time how many members of a specific team are present in the office.
3) What is the total time an employee spend in office on a given day.
4) How many man-hours a team devoted on a day, month, week, etc.
5) In a day how many employees were present.

and many more such information can be generated through this data.

It would be even better if you do this entire thing in MS Access instead of Excel. Its not that excel can't do this type of work. It can. But Access will be more efficient.  sampleEE.xlsx
I would have done it this way.....On one sheet record date + time in - time out of the employee along with his/her employee ID (2 columns only). On another sheet make a table metioning the employee ID and his/her team (2 columns only). This data should be sufficient enough to provide you the information which you are looking for.
KLMServicesAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that quick response. Can you perhaps just list 2 employees on a spreed sheet to I can get a clearer picture? I am sure I can roll with it from there.
KLMServicesAuthor Commented:
Thanks you so much, I was trying to figure it out in Access. I will still look into that method.
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