Lync server will not allow me to publish changes to topology

Howdy all,

I have a running Lync server but made a few changes to the topology builder.  Now when i try to publish the topology it fails immediately with the following error:

Toplogu builder encountered an issue and cannot publish this topology.

Topology builder has encountered an unexpected error from Lync Server 2010 Management Shell.

Error Details:
Active Ditrectory server "myservername.local" is not available.  Trya again later.

To close the wizard click finish.

The Lync Server is working well but the changes I made was adding the monitoring and archiving FQDN's as well as an Edge server FQDN.

Any help as always much appreciated.

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AtiaSolutionsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi Guys,

I have resolved this myself.  Looks like the archive and monitoring servers where causing the problems. I have removed these and I can publish error free again.
I would start with a check on the DNS of this host running topology builder.   Is the correct DNS configured?      If you 'ping domain.local' do you get a reply?   Can you browse to \\domain.local\sysvol ?  

Has anything changed on the Domain side?   New/removed DC?   New DNS?  
Yes please go with Mike checklist, if you passed the above please check in the topology builder in while you were adding the FQDNs for the servers did you receive any errors or warnings ??
AtiaSolutionsAuthor Commented:
Removed archive and monitoring servers from the topology
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