Blackberry 9550 problem with BWC/BIS account and Lotus Notes account

I have a Blackberry Storm2 9550 that I would like to connect to my Lotus Notes email at work. One problem is we don't have a BES so I just have to go with IMAP. I got it set up and I understand that with IMAP the email that is sent to my Notes email won't be sent right away and I have to wait at least 15 mins. The problem it is not really stable sometimes I have to wait an hour or so until the email comes up.

So I looked up some information and I got into this website:

The problem is Verizon never sets up email for me. When I called them, they know nothing about it.

So I go to this website , hoping to get more information after I register, but still no luck:

I would like to use this product below:

But I need to have BWC account which I can't find. Any suggestion
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BES express would be the ideal solution as it works on Notes as true push client very well and is free license.

If IMAP has been unreliable it could be due to cache issue or data volume.
Have you tried pop connectivity instead. I have found this more reliable on blackberries for connection to notes server.

coronoahcoroAuthor Commented:
Ok I found some information here:

better read it first ...
coronoahcoroAuthor Commented:
Well I can't change it to POP3. When I go to Advanced Settings the only options available is IMAP.

Ok so I read this

but that still doesn't give me
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coronoahcoroAuthor Commented:
ok nvm I found the problem. Now I'm just curious if there is a good solution to do push/pull email from our DOmino server to Blackberry without BES or upgrading the server to 8.5.2.
There is no good solution without BES. And BES Express is free and you can install it onto the Domino Server (no need for another server). So why look for other solutions?
coronoahcoroAuthor Commented:
oh I didn't know there is a BES Express. I always thought that we have to pay for it ... what's the difference then?
coronoahcoroAuthor Commented:
ah darn ... it only works for Domino 8.x and above. Well I guess once we upgrade our Domino server we can use that.
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