Looking for Efficient/Clean ways to web design

Server: Red Hat Linux - Webserver: Apache  Language Preferences: Perl/Python/Bash etc. --very clean code
I program with various languages but Javascript is not one of them.

I want to design efficient websites with very clean code--with very efficient code reuse.  Very easy to code and fast to execute.
Example, if I write popup menu code, I want all websites on my server to be able to efficiently use the same code.
If I have a few CSS templates, I want to be able to use those for all my webpages.
Code should be clean/maintainable with no browsers issues.

Some of the things I am looking at these pages, that might give you an idea about what I am looking at.
Type of code I want:

Type of output

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GlobaLevelConnect With a Mentor ProgrammerCommented:
okay scratch .net...sounds like your going either .php or .java....

both are rich...I like Java better...more vendors in my opinion...also if you want to interact with mobile phones ..android..its all in java...smartphones is a big pull these days...

if .php...remember we call it LAMP:

if Java..not as 'Free' as php , hence the separation...
you will need an IDE to develop in:
Eclipse or netbeans...id do eclispe...everyone is going this direction these days...

or you can get glassfish..it does it all..bc you also need the SDK to develop in java..the SDK has all the objects(code pieces previously built, you can borrow to build your code)
Depends on your expereince...are you a developer?

It takes many hats to put an Ecommerce site together each with different skills..alot of work!!

Web developer - creates the web site
Network adminstrator---handls teh server
SQL DBA - SQL holds the data your site collects from the user
email analyst-  sned emails out

now all these hats gotta work together!!

Why dont you use a content management system...google it...these programs do a ton these days..now it depends on what you want ...net, php, java...?this depends on where yourhosting your site..find the hosting compnay ask"what pages extentions to you support?"

if they support:

.php then

.aspx then
 dot nuke

also lookat  joomla:


farzanjAuthor Commented:
I am looking for Linux based technologies.
I am a developer in many languages, plus system administrator, have been a Database administrator (Oracle, MySQL) and one of my degrees was in Network Engineering and I have done plenty of router/switches configurations.  But I left MS platform for good in 1999 after having bad experiences with dot Net.
Long ago I did some web front ends but it has been a while and I have never been good at it.  With backends, I have no problem.
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farzanjAuthor Commented:
I am going to do everything by myself.  I have configured thousands of email servers, webservers -- all in Linux.
DesignbyonyxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'd stick with PHP for it's widespread use and high adoption.  What you will need is called a Content Management System (CMS) which is basically a framework for building websites and all of the requisites therein (forms, blogs, galleries, shopping carts, etc)

My favorite PHP CMS is Concrete 5 - it's very lightweight, robust, user friendly, and most importantly it's easily extensible.  You can create your own plugins or modules which you can then re-use anywhere you want.  Hope that helps.
GlobaLevelConnect With a Mentor ProgrammerCommented:
Design has good feedback....

if java...try liferay..very popular...
farzanjAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your time.
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