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Playing Audio down telephone

I want to be able to send audio that a computer recieves from a mixing desk and that also plays mp3/wma
down the phoneline. Right now the mixer takes a line in rfom the PC for music playing and ha al ine out to the
computer for recording and a line to the amp. The amp is then connected to the phoneline.

Problem is people forget to dial out on the phone to link to the audio conferencing
I though of maybe adding a modem to the PC but am not sure how that would work.
I can set it to dial and hang up after 59 minutes, however how do you get the audio down it?
What software could I use maybe? I'm running XP and copuldmaybe source an internal PCI modem.
1 Solution
Hi Majicthise, I cant see how that would work either, a phone line for receiving music ??
I envision a phone hand piece speaker playing music??

 in the area of receiving /sending audio from to the phone line to the AMP would not be possible,
The phone line maybe you mean ( ie modem router ) would need to be connected to the computer.
Then use the internet to stream to the PC.
then PC  plays through your amp which has speakers>
What is the source of this music?
What is this mixer?

Here's what you wrote broken into a language I understand

I want to be able to send audio that a computer recieves from a mixing desk down the phoneline<<>>Are you referring to Skype or Voip?
this would have to be streamed over the internet via software such as Skype or Voip.

The amp is then connected to the phoneline.<< ??? that doesnt make any sense

Please come back and clarify this a bit better
MajicthiseAuthor Commented:
OK. Excuse my poor explanation.
I ws trying to type this question up just before close of play.

The PC is used to play music and to record voice audio.

So the PC has an output to the mixing desk music channel
The mixer has 5 other inputs - all microphones

The mixer has a line out to the amp
and a line out to the PC in so that the PC can record.

The amp is then connected to speakers, and to a standard analogue phone by some home made electronics box.

What I want is to take out the box, and a voice modem to the PC and have the whole lot played into the phone line.
EG the music, and all the mics when used.

The phone is outbound only, there is no requirement at the moment to have the speaker on the phone wired back tot hem ixer desk.
Hi Majicthise

First of all, do you have any idea how the box that was connected to the standard telephone actually worked?  How was it attached, eg. strapped to the microphone part of the handset and just working as a small speaker?

I know this is going to sound really nosey, and I am not trying to pry into any personal business, but I am trying to imagine what kind of situation you would have where 5 people talking into microphones and music being played down a standard mono telephone line.  Is the intended audience at the other end a real person, or real people, or is the signal somehow being converted into digital audio, recorded, or some other thing?

You mentioned that this is for some kind of conferencing.  Do you have a very strict budget, or could you perhaps spend a little bit of money to install some software if we can find something suitable to suggest?

At the moment, I cannot get the picture out of my head of 5 people in a room all talking into microphones with MP3 music being used as musical interludes, and the whole lot being tied together with elastic bands, duct tape, string, and bulldog clips.  I also have an alternative picture in my head of the relative simplicity of VoIP conferencing which would seem to me to be more appropriate.

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Thanks Majicthise, we shall endeavor to sort it out for you.

still not clear for me, the question that would assist me is how are these people receiving audio currently? you say >>>Problem is people forget to dial out on the phone to link to the audio conferencing<<< so they stay online?
and accessing your conferencing?
Are they accessing your PC radio?
What software are you using on your PC Majicthise
And this part>>>>The amp is then connected to speakers, and to a standard analogue phone by some home made electronics box. << some home electronics box??

Sorry that is just beyond my understanding so I'll just offer some ideas you can then say yes or no if that is what your looking for
If you want to run your own radio on the internet
 here's how to.
How to create an internet radio station
Run a radio station off of your PC using shoutcast

Thank you
Here's how I interpret the info Majicthise's gave us so far.

The amp has an analog output which is connected to a phone line through a custom-built electronics box.  Currently, the audio from the amp can be heard in a telephone conference if a person mannually dials out into the conference using a device that is connected to the same outbound telephone line.  Your problem is that the person sometimes forget to hang up after the conference is over.  You want to automate the outbound phone call using an internal PCI modem, but you don't know how to get the audio into the phone line when using a PCI modem.

If that describes your problem, then the answer is simple.  If it isn't the custom-built electronics box that makes the outbound call, then an internal PCI modem can be used to make the call, as long as you have two phone sockets that are connected to the same outbound phone line.  The connection with the amp stays intact if you already have another open phone socket that connects to the same outbound phone line, in which case you can just connect the PCI modem to that open phone jack.  Otherwise you'd have to use a phone jack splitter to connect both the PCI modem and the amp to the same line.

The PCI modem can be controlled by software to make the call and to hang up at the appropriate time.

However, if it  *is*  the custom-built electronics box that makes the call, then you would need a special kind of PCI voice modem to replace the custom-built box and play the audio into the phone line.  The PCI modem should then have an audio input socket that receives the   audio, and special software to control the input volume of the socket on the PCI modem.  The software would then probably be bundled with the PCI voice modem.

Does all of this make sense?
MajicthiseAuthor Commented:
I've obviously not explained it well at all.

The amplifier is connected to the speakers
there is a lone fro one of the speakers into the electronics box which basically has a dial
keypad for phoning out, You dial out on the keypad to an externally hosted free audio conferencing system.
Those who wish to listen dial in to the same system on a different number and lots of people can then listen
in.  They hear what comes thru the microphones and what is played through the computer and all the while
the coimputer is recording the audio.

LedigimateDate it does make sense
The custom electronic box takes a speaker wire in from the main speakers and connects to what would be the
mouthpiece in a regular phone. We then connect to an externally hosted conferencing call which is free IF you
hang up and redial before 1 hour has passed. Some pepole are forgetting to do the hangupand redial so we end up
with a big phone bill.

I thought of installinga voice modem in the PC.
And somehow connecting a mixer out channel to the audio in channel on the modem.

However, controlling it all is what's throwing me.
The computer operator already has to work the mixer and keep an eye o nthe security camera that the same PC controls.
So I'd want user interaction to be a minimum
I could set the dialup poperties to be 59 minutes regardless
But I'm not sure if it will all work
Finding a PCI voice mdoem with drivers is proving difficult.
the mic in what would
Wow, that really explains it very clearly Majicthise , unfortunately I have never seen something like this in real time.
At an educated guess you need something that will cut off the users after a certain time.
But can you select and define certain users at a certain duration or does it apply to all?

This sounds similar to what you are doing.
Using Adobe
Configure audio providers for universal voice
Enable audio in meetings
MajicthiseAuthor Commented:
If I use a voice moem I couldconfigure it to hangup automatically after 59 minutes no rpoblem.
It getting the audio out from the modem down the phone line thats the problem.
Do you use  dial up or  DSL Majicthise.
I'm just curious.
Dial up modems have become rather outdated.
See if this can assist you
What is a Voice Modem? Adds some good information
Most modems can be classified with these characteristics:
Data/fax/voice/speakerphone << this the type you need
Check the settings in the modem is checked to use mic

Easy SpeakerPhone 1.1

Voice modem command set
Transmitting audio data

Telephony Hardware Recommended

Well there's some educated guesses for you, probably not what your looking for.
I hope it assists you though.
MajicthiseAuthor Commented:
Usefull comments
Partial solution that I'll need to develop
Thanks again
Thank you Majicthise
wish I could have offered more.
cheers Merete

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