Multiple NICs in Server

We have a standalone Server 2003 DC with about a dozen XP SP3 clients. The server has two Gigabit NICs, each a different brand and model (Broadcom and Linksys). As far as I know NIC teaming is not an option with the different brands. Is there some other way we can utilize both NICs to tak advantage of the extra bandwidth? Right now one is disabled while the other handles all traffic to and from the server on our small network. Oh, the server holds user data and serves a business database app.
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Hello, even though you may team the NIC it would probably be more for redundancy. You'd have to have a smart enough switch as well i would image for this type of "Shotgun" setup to be effective. In most Large environments you do see teaming, but mostly they run on 1Gbt With only a dozen XP machines i don't think they show any more improvement. Are they also running 1GB to the switch? Unless your moving huge amounts of data i dont think you will see a true benefit.

vguzmanIT ManagerCommented:
I would use one NIC to connect all the clients there and proxy all the traffic with it. That way you can have a better control and reduce the bandwidth by blocking the internet usage or websites like Facebook, etc and keep it only "work-related". Then you can use the other NIC for the server only.
There are good free proxy software and there are some really good expensive proxy software.
westoneAuthor Commented:
Yes most of our computers have 1GB connections to the switch as well. I was thinking that perhaps there was some way to have some services such as DHCP or DNS occur only on one NIC, thereby releasing some bandwidth on the other NIC for our business app.
I promise you that DHCP and DNS is not using up your bandwidth. Besides those services are essential to have on the network and not blocked. I think you'll get into more trouble than its worth. Besides. DO you have a baseline clearly indicating a bandwidth problem? Perhaps performance monitor can reveal this for you.

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