basic iPhoto and OS X Storage question

So we have iPhoto 10 and Snow Leopard.  We use iPhoto and love it.  It is also our primary organizer for the photos.
However, one issue
When you want to post a local pic to the internet from eBay or Blogger or something , you browse the hard drive of the mac , but you won't see it because its in that weird database \directory (/users/user name / pictures / iPhoto Library )

Sorry if I am not wording this right, but we want to be able to browse that directory via the open dialog from a web browser

(we understand how to browse the directory from Finder using the Option key, that's not what I'm talking about)

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Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
A trick I use .. is to use the Finder .. right click on the iPhoto Library and "Show Package Contents"
Now you can drag the Originals folder into the PLACES area of the left menu in the Finder.
This PLACES section is available in all Open/Save dialogs in most OSX programs including your browser application when selecting photos.
shard26Author Commented:
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