Slow file transfer beetween tunnel network.


I am trying to transfer a file from our data center to a NAS (storage) at our base office (10 miles away) and the speed is maxing out at 300KB, whereas our connection is 20Mbps and is experienced at 20Mbps when transferring a file from the NAS at the office to the datacenter. I did a packet analysis when from DC to NAS and noticed alot of checksum errors. Traceroute also provided some long ttl and reestablishments. I rebooted both routers at the DC but the download from there to here is still 300KB. Any suggestions to next steps of troubleshooting?
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Did this issue just start or has this been going on for a while?  I've had issues in the past where trace routes to my branch offices had a very high ttl.  I called my ISP and they were able to re-route my traffic a different route which did help me a lot.  There are alot of busy routers out there.  I also purchased Solarwinds Orion and enabled netflow so I could see exactly what was going on with the network.  Have you got a bandwidth report to look at to see how much of your 20Mbps circuit you are utilizing?
You could load something to check your network flow (netflow, clearflow, jflow, sflow) to see if there is a traffic load that should not be there.

nTop, sflowTrends, Solarwinds, and Capsa are good programs that will show you the insight you seem to be looking for.  ntop is free, sflowTrends is free (but there is a professional version, the other 2 you can get trials.  The trials are only time limited not feature set limited.
JRome225Author Commented:
ISP issue.
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