Access Services - disable vertical scroll bars in web form text box?

I have an Access web app with a number of forms published to SharePoint Access Services. Seemingly at random, some of the text boxes on the forms, mostly but not exclusively narrow boxes, display in the browser with vertical scroll bars. The scroll bars do do not display when the web form is viewed in the browser, and Scroll Bars is set to 'None' in the property sheet for all text boxes.

I don't know what governs whether a scroll bar is displayed in the browser, but in continuous forms they clutter the form significantly. Is there a way to suppress them? As displayed in browser As displayed in client
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dgmoore1Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
OK - I found the problem. The type of form, the row height in the form, and the font face/size/weight govern whether or not vertical scroll bars are displayed. I found that for Colibri 11 normal weight, the minimum row height for a continuous form is 0.2597". On a single form a row height of 0.2188 will display Colibri 11 without scroll bars.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
The scroll bar in the browser seems to display the scrollbars based on the size of the field.
Going purely on the fact that your numbers are Left justified, I am presuming that these fields are text.

So a 50 character or more text field specification in the source table might trigger the scrollbars to be visible.

I will again presume text and that the scroll bars are hidden unless the specific field has the focus.
(or perhaps never, depending on the design...?)

This is hard to tell because you have not posted any info on the table or form design.

Also you state that:
<Seemingly at random, some of the text boxes on the forms>

Yet in your sceenshot "All" of the controls either display of hide the scrollbar.
(Leading to my hypothesis here...)


dgmoore1Author Commented:
All of the fields except "Summary" are Long Integer.

Changing the width of the field does not make the scroll bars go away. Attached is a shot of a fragment of another form  Form view in browser
I edited this form: previously the fields on the bottom row were narrower than the fields above but displayed scrollbars while the wider fields above did not. I then made the fields in the bottom row the same width as the fields above and they still display scroll bars. I can't seem to determine what governs whether scroll bars are displayed; but in any case I have Scroll Bars set to "None" in the accdb.
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
My presumption was that the Fields were text, (perhaps set to 255 characters)
So that in the accdb the scroll bar would not show up until the field had the focus, but in the Web version, the Spec of 255 characters would trigger the scrollbar.

So from your above screenshot it looks like the numeric field are more susceptible to this?
What if you did a test and made the fields Byte instead of Long Integer...?
dgmoore1Author Commented:
Problem is, after a web table is published you can't change the type of an existing field, nor can you specify the specific type of a newly added field. You can add a field and specify "Number" as the data type, but there is no choice among Byte, or Double, or Long, or whatever... I think the "Number" selection gives you a Long Integer.
dgmoore1Author Commented:
Also, as the "Summary" field above shows, even a relatively wide text field is displaying the scrollbars.
dgmoore1Author Commented:
By experimenting with font parameters and row height I was able to determine how vertical scroll bars in web form text boxes are governed.
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