a lot of messages in todo queue in qmail

Hello, I have qmail-1.03 installed on fedora 8, I have vpopmail and mysql; I have around 4,000 accounts, since yesterday I noted that I have a lot of message on todo queue, at this moment I have
Messages in local queue: 1
Messages in remote queue: 10
Messages in todo queue: 2566

The cpu is fine, the memory is fine, I'va applied the ext-todo patch, what can I do?
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Daniel McAllisterConnect With a Mentor President, IT4SOHO, LLCCommented:
Perhaps you should consider running a QMail "package" that included the patch(es) you want & need.

Personally, I use the QmailToaster -- see qmailtoaster.org for full details.

I know it works on FC8 because I administer 6 remote sites that still run on FC8 (also an FC5 and an FC6 that run QMail Toaster successfully) -- although if you're not trying for "bleeding edge" (and by still running FC8, I'd assume not), you perhaps should consider using CentOS (RHEL without the fees). The current "similar" version would be CentOS 5.6, with CentOS 6 due out nearly any time now.

Good Luck!

Have you tried big todo patch? http://www.memoryhole.net/qmail/#big_todo
ddiazmvsAuthor Commented:
at this moment the queue are working well:

Messages in local queue: 0
Messages in remote queue: 28
Messages in todo queue: 0

If I use the big todo patch, the todo queue will be faster?.... why the messages was stored in todo queue instead of local or remote?
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By default todo queue is flat, not hashed.
If you have more than 1000 files in one directory on linux filesystem then directory scan slows down.
If you have there million files the ls command will take ages to complete (minutes).

The hashed directory structure in todo solves this.

You have to empty all your todo queue before applying the patch or the queue will be lost.
ddiazmvsAuthor Commented:
another question in order to apply this patch I have to run make clean on qmail-103 source or just type: patch < qmail-big-ext-todo.patch and then make setup check? do i  need run config-fast mydomain.com?
a1jConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Probably, i cant tell you more details - haven't used qmail in ages. Everybody uses postfix now.
ddiazmvsAuthor Commented:
ok.... I read about the big todo I'm going to aplied it. I'm still a lot of question of the todo queue and the way of work....
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