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WDSc / RDI Mouse Highlighting Issues.

We are using IBM Rational Developer for Power Systems Software Version 8.0.0 LPEX Editor for RPG programming.  

When I use the mouse to highlight a block of text, and then later try to highlight a new block of text elsewhere, the editor assumes that I want to extend the original block.  Quite annoying.  Double-clicking in a random area sometimes clears it, but seems arbitrary and unpredictable in its result.  It seems that the first highlight sets an anchor point which remains until a successful double-click clears it.  I suspect there is something in the preferences I can set to make it work more like every other editor I've ever worked with, but I haven't found it yet.  

I want each start of highlighting a block to be a fresh experience.  

(A google search found someone else who had the same problem, but there was no solution listed  http://itknowledgeexchange.techtarget.com/itanswers/wdsc-highlighting-just-keeps-going-and-going-and-going/)

1 Solution
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
The LPEX editor is incredibly configurable and extendable, so behavior is dependent on how you have it set up.

What Block preference have you got set? (Preferences - LPEX Editor - Block).  This, to some extent controls selection behavior.  If you select STREAM, then when you move the cursor, the selection gets cleared automatically.


By default, Alt + U will unselect any current text.

Of, with the mouse, right-click, and select Deselect.

You can also set up your own mouse actions or keyboard controls to deselect.

Expand this topic and you'll find LPEX documentation:


- Gary Patterson
iteealroAuthor Commented:
The block type was originally set to CHARACTER (which may have been set by 3rd party who installed RDi for us).  I had changed it to RECTANGLE as that is my preference for marking.  

In my prior search within help for "block", "highlight", etc., I was not able to find what I needed.  Somehow the circled question mark at the bottom left of the PREFERENCES window escaped my attention until now.

From STREAM help:  "Unlike the other marking modes, the cursor cannot be moved to another part of the file without deselecting a block of selected text.  Once text is selected, the next keyboard action will usually affect the entire selection of text.  For example, pressing a keyboard character will replace the entire selected text with that character, and pressing the Delete key will remove the entire selected block."

That is exactly the behavior I was looking for, though I wish it were a separate parameter so that I could mark rectangles with the same behavior.

Thanks for your response.

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