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Average Bandwidth per Core - Server Question


I am looking at a software database to license for a server that claims a cost of $1,800 per core. I would like to propose that instead of a per core marketing agreement, we find a bandwidth marketing agreement.

I want to find a fair equivalent. To do that, I need to know roughly how much bandwidth each core can provide. I know that this probably depends on a myriad of factors including connection speed, etc.

Is there a rough approximation that can be had? For instance, to make up numbers, if each core can handle 200mb/second, and we know we have 1gb/second traffic, this means we need five cores licensed. I would then like to calculate that each megabyte of traffic costs $0.002, or whatever it works out to be.

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Those numbers would be extremely specific to a given manufacturer & processor. You will get wildly different numbers for AMD compared to Intel, or even within a given vendors product line. What do you mean by bandwith? It almost looks like you are trying to compare Ethernet bandwith with processor bandwith or something. The I/O of a network has little to no bearing on what kind of processing & CPU bandwith is getting used internally to the server.

Per CPU or Per core licensing is an ugly kluge, but is a MUCH better & more stable benchmark than CPU bandwith.
200mb?  how old is your processor?  Today's processors are rated in GB .  That's a capital B.

And it's not all on the processor to gain you the throughput.  It's the supporting chipset/motherboard whatever you want to call it.  As your processor may be very capable, but the memory controllers on your mother board aren't.  It's a whole system calculation.

Searching IBM's site..
See section 2.3.3 in http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redpapers/pdfs/redp4639.pdf

I can't imagine a company agreeing to this type of calculation.

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