Mozilla Firefox 3.6.17 and Codeigniter error when trying to upload pdf files

This particular version of firefox gets an error "the file type you are attempting to load is not valid" when trying to upload a pdf file.  All other file types work.  I read on codeigniter forums and found that there could be an issue with what the FF is sending to CI in the headers and that I can edit the php line in the mimes.php in the config folder.  

However, the suggested change has already been applied to my mimes.php file so I was thinking there is another exception that needs to be added.

But I do not know how to read the headers being sent to CI to know what else I might add.

Any suggestions?
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ZylochConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can download the LiveHTTPHeaders extension and view the headers that are being sent. This can be the first step in narrowing down what is wrong. Also, do you know if Firefox 3.6.17 the only version of Firefox that has this error, or is it a problem that appears on all versions of Firefox? What about Firefox 4? What about other browsers?
lthamesAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  My other programmer actually fixed the issue but now I know how to view the headers so I can figure it out next time!
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