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I have a query which, through joins and such, produces sort of the correct results.  The problem is that it produces two rows.

The results are something list this
Customer  Sell_Date  Parts  Labour  Pay_Date
12345678  05-30-11   12.34  50.00
12345678             24.56  12.50   06-02-11
98765432  05-22-11   18.23  12.50
98765432             16.19  32.00   05-26-11

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I want to merge th rows so that I have an output like this:
Customer  Sell_Date  Parts  Labour  Pay_Date
12345678  05-30-11   36.90  62.50   06-02-11
98765432  05-22-11   34.42  44.50   05-26-11

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I know how to do it with the numbers, but how do I get the dates to merge?
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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Connect With a Mentor Billing EngineerCommented:
something like this could do:

select Customer, Min(Sell_Date), sum(Parts), sum(Labor), may(pay_date) from yourtable group by Customer

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Try the Below Query.. so use this as an Outer query to get the desired results..Replace the Table Name with your query like

Select .... FROM ()X
Group By ...

SELECT Customer, MAX(Sell_date) as Sell_Date, SUM(Parts) as Parts , SUM(Labour) as Labour, Max(Pay_Date) as Pay_Date
FROM TableName
GROUP BY Customer
ClifAuthor Commented:
Perfect, thanks.
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