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I have a user whose mailbox is on our exchange 2010 servers. It has been acting up for over a week now. The user's mailbox will show as disconnected in outlook 2007 but he can access it via web access (OWA).  We have tried everything from moving mailbox stores (We have 2 exchange servers running in a DAG configuration) to resetting his password. The only resolution I can think of is to delete his mailbox and connect him to a new one.

My first question is has anyone ever seen this before and if so how did yo resolve the issue. Even if you have not seen it before but have an idea of the issue please give any suggestion.

My second question is, what is the best way to create a new mailbox for him and keep the same messages/folders from his old mailbox?

Any help is appreciated.

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AmitConnect With a Mentor IT ArchitectCommented:
Below is the one reason

Once you start the MB move an, In Transit flag is appended to the mailbox. Now the problem is that, this flag remains after mailbox move also and if you again try to move same mailbox, it won't work.

To fix this you need to goto EMC>Recipient configuration>Move Request Node>Select the mailbox>Right click and click on "Clear Move Request"

Second, if this doesn't work and if you need to recreate the account. follow this

1) Export data to PST from Outlook
2) Remove the Exchange attributes
3) Recreate it on new server
4) merge the pst data to new folder

That should be enough. There is one flaw here. Outlook stores the legacyexchangedn value in the nk2 file and user with cache mode will get the bounce back as it might be pointing to old dn. To resolve this issue. You need to the custom X500 connector with old legacyexchangedn value under email address tab for this user.

hope this helps
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