What is the theoretical maximum bits-per-second?

A wireless link has a signal to noise ratio of 210 and a signal
bandwidth of 120 kHz.

What is the theoretical maximum bits-per-second that can be sent over the link?

i get the capacity 120000 log2 (211 ) is there any suggestion :)  
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Jackie ManCommented:
maximum number of bits per second (Shannon's Result)

max number of bits per second = H log2 (1 + (S/N))
This formula shows the maximum achievable data rate on a noisy line. The difference between Shannon's result and Nyquist's theorem is that Shannon's result takes the noise on a line into consideration. The noise can drastically reduce a line's capacity to send data. It is measured in bits per second.

Source: http://www.mindspring.com/~cari/networks/formulae.html
Jackie ManCommented:
.... whereas H is the value of the signal bandwidth....

So, your answer is 120 kHz log2 (1+210)...
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