Vertex 3 Performance

Got my new build done with no issues.
Antec Sonata Elite Case w/2 120 mm adjustable fans
Gigabyte GA-H67A-UD3H-B3 Motherboard
Intel Core i7-2600K 3.4 GHz Processor
8 GB Kingston DDR3 Memory
Two Vertex 3 120GB Hard Drives
One VelociRapter 74GB
One Seagate 500GB
Dual 27" Monitors
Windows 7 Pro & misc other stuff

Ran HD Tune on the hard drives:
C: Vertex 3 120 GB
Transfer rate 214.6 MB/sec to 310.5 MB/sec
Average Transfer rate 330.8 MB/sec
Access Time 0.2 ms
Burst Rate 248.5 MB/sec
D: Vertex 3 120 GB
Transfer rate 264.0 MB/sec to 391.8 MB/sec
Average Transfer rate 391.8 MB/sec
Access Time 0.1 ms
Burst Rate 246.7 MB/sec
E: VelociRaptor 74 GB
Transfer rate 73.6 MB/sec to 119.6 MB/sec
Average Transfer rate 100.5 MB/sec
Access Time 7.3 ms
Burst Rate 182.7 MB/sec
F: Seagate 500 GB
Transfer rate 64.8 MB/sec to 121.2 MB/sec
Average Transfer rate 99.9 MB/sec
Access Time 014.6 ms
Burst Rate 178.0 MB/sec

The Vertex 3 results are considerably lower than the  550/500 upper limits advertised but this is real world results not lab results and this is with all default settings, etc. no turbor and no tweaks. Tweaking might come later as I get a little more comfortable with tweaking.
Overall this machine is way faster than anything I am used to! Question is, does anyone have real life numbers that I can compare to mine giving me an idea of where I am at? Any suggestions to improve performance would definitely be welcomed as all this is a little out of my realm but am willing to learn.
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Handy free utility to do a fairly detailed benchmark of a drive,

Just a small exe to run no install required.

AnandTech has a review on Verex 3 drives making some comparison between the 120 and 240 GB versions also.  From their results it looks like your speeds are comparable.

Check out the TRIM performance section for mention of a issue.

I thought this was a free utility for tweaking but it looks like some of the settings now require purchase ($13) to use.  Anyway the feature list pretty much runs down the things to look at for tuning the setup for the drive.

Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
Here's a good general guide to benchmarking:,0

and Passmark maintain some rankings:

But I guess the real question is what are you doing with this?  And is it fast enough for this task?  
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
The speeds are very good -- I'm sure you'll find that an amazing system.

Just to be sure:   Do you have the two SSDs connected to the SATA III ports on the motherboard?    There are both SATA 3 & SATA 2 ports on that board.

Also, what rates do you see if you copy a single large file from C: to D: with Windows Explorer?
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anaronAuthor Commented:
DanCh99: The first speed increase I noticed was the Boot Timer speed of around 15 seconds compared to my Dell 8250 with VelociRaptor drives that took around 1 min 20 seconds. I have several hugh graphics files I have to work with on a regular basis. On the Dell, I would have to shut down everything to work on one file and even then experience occassional lockups. So far no issues with the new system. The difference in the daily backup of hard drives is amazing.
garycase: Yes on the Sata 3 & Sata 2 ports. What would be the best way to check the rates for a file transfer from C to D?
anaronAuthor Commented:
DanCh99, I very much like the Passmark Performance test. Excellent information and definitely shows where I could improve the machine.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
"... What would be the best way to check the rates for a file transfer from C to D? ... "  ==>  Just copy a file (use a very large one -- a couple GB is good).    If you use Windows Explorer to copy it [highlight it; right-click-drag to the other drive; select Copy here] and click on "More Details" it will show the progress and the transfer speed.
anaronAuthor Commented:
Couple GB did not work as it was so fast, dialogue box never appeared. Copied a 40 GB for a 143.4 MB/sec. Cloning the C drive to a blank formatted drive runs at 8931.1 MB/min.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
If 2GB copies so fast you never even see the dialogue box, I think it's safe to say the system running rather well :-)
anaronAuthor Commented:
Kobe99, good info!

I have been playing with computers since college, 1967. There’s not much I haven’t done to a computer – good and bad – accidental and on purpose - but I loved it all. This is, however, the first new computer I have built. Always been too easy to buy a Dell but lack of customer service, quality and attitude over the last couple of years dictated that I build what I want the way I want it.

I am extremely pleased with the end results and loved the experience. I am more pleased with the Experts on this site. The build would have been far more complicated with out you all. Came here 11 years ago looking for a solution and have been here ever since. Absolutely the best investment I have ever made. EE has the finest collection of computer Experts in the world giving of their time and knowledge to help others. A special thanks must go to garycase as he has saved my tail on more than one occasion in the last few years. Your devotion and dedication to this site and the industry is to be commended. Everytime I post a question, I await your replies knowing the advice will be solid. However, you do need to change your profile – neighborhood "guru" for 30+ years, I AM a family/neighborhood guru. Your knowledge and expertise covers a large part of planet thru you assistance and knowledge to hundreds such as myself. Thank You GaryCase! Thank all of you!
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Appreciate the kind words.

Glad to hear your first build went well.

An i7-2600K with dual Vertex 3's is one heck of a first system :-)

My first build was a 2MHz 8080 with 8K of memory -- and cost FAR more than you just spent for this system !!  [and required a LOT of soldering to assemble the board]
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