Web Access gone, but network connectivity is still here

So I get this wierd situation where every so often, 1 of my 50-60 clients here will lose ability to surf websites, but will still maintain access to network files, and will still have a connection to our (outside) hosted exchange server. The only fix I have for it is to renew its IP address and make sure this person gets a different IP address.

Once this happens, I notice that someone else's websurfing will go out.

Anyone hear of this? Let me know if you need more info and I can supply it!

We have about 60 Windows xp clients connected to server 2008, behind a Watchguard firewall.

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jumpassociatesConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Contacted Watchguard and found out that Skype was the culprit! Skype did port scans that would trigger the Watchguard to cut off the machine's internet access.

dumb skype! Beware of those and other IM clients!
Maybe your overloading is overloaded.  How many IPs in your NAT pool? I do not know anything about a Watchguard firewall, so I'll let someone else comment on how you review its resources..
jumpassociatesAuthor Commented:
so are you ruling out any type of Windows error? I wasn't sure if this has anything to do with DHCP, but correct me if I'm wrong, is it safe to assume that as long as the Windows DHCP server assigns a proper IP address to the client, it does not involve anything else with a web connection?
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Are you hitting a witch guard firewall user limit?
jumpassociatesAuthor Commented:
oh, very good idea!

Do you know how to check on that on a Firebox x550e?
Not entirely skilled on Watchguard products, but I think this is where you would find some info:
In the Fireware Policy Manager
Licensed Features
Expand the watchgaurd
Total number of authentivcated users
It also may be listed there as the webblocker service the same licensed features area.

please check out the watchguard logs in system manager, and have a user try and surf the web and see what's logged.
does the watchguard issue the dhcp? or the server?

jumpassociatesAuthor Commented:
Contacted Watchguard myself after I couldn't find the solution online
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