Ideas for backing up windows 2003 server

hi, we got a simple windows 2003 server with about 25 gb of data. using a mail server called 'amos mail' that has a 2gb file in its post office it uses...

we had a sony ait tape drive, set to auto backup nightly,to ait tapes...for years.. andthe tape drive just died.

im seeking a backup solution for this, im considering an off-site web based backup like mozy or carbonite, but that can be a little costly to backup that much data on a monthkly fee...

i was also considering some sort of external drive via usb and some automation software to 'copy' the entire folders to the external drive nightly... does anyone know uf the best units for this.

also i was considering another tape drive, however, i dont know what the latest tape drives are, the etc... (ive been out of it consulting as full time for a few years, but still have 3 or 4 small business clients

just looking for ideas from the experts.
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lgg733Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I am not sure what your budget is but we recently switched from tape back up and backup exec to this
I gotta say I am very happy with the purchase, it may be worth looking into. We're paying somewhere around $99 for offsite storage up to 500GB . You can also get it without the offsite option though. Also I run the datto box as a server if I needed, so in case my actual server blows up it's as easy as flipping a switch.
ChiefITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check out Always Synch. It's what I use to synch to a portable disk drive.

We also have the OS separated from the message stores. So, recovery would look like:
Installing a new drive
Drop an OS image on it with mail server software
Configure Mail software to match old system
take the message stores and re-install them

All tolled, mail down for a half hour.
MarcHelfandAuthor Commented:
thanks i like them both!
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