Removing Exchange 2010 Mailbox Role

During the set up of our Exchange environment one of the CAS servers had the mailbox role installed on it.  Our set up is this:

Two CAS servers in an Array
Two Mailbox servers in a DAG

I need to remove the mailbox role off of one of those CAS servers -- do I just run setup and remove the role?  How will the environment be affected while this is running?  Can I do this during normal hours or should I schedule downtime for it?

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I have uninstalled a CAS role in one server without problem in the environment or the network. As I remember, I didn't have to restart the server after that. But always is better to make a full backup for your exchange servers and DC's.
I believe the Mailbox role installed on your CAS role is really not doing any Mailbox server job as you have dedicated DAG configured for that.
You should be able to uninstall the Mbx role without affecting the production.

RelianceNetAuthor Commented:
I was able to uninstall the mailbox role smoothly without affecting the production environment, we do have a CAS Array so I assume if there was any stopping of Exchange services the other CAS server was handling requests.  

One simple tip is to click uninstall in add/remove programs not change -- change will leave all installed roles greyed out.

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