Microsoft BPOS Creating identical .NK2 file

Hi, we are in the midst of planning our mail migration to BPOS. I am attempting to plan our steps for cutover day, and one of the things is keeping the user's NK2 mail cache.

Here are the steps i follow:

1. Setup users BPOS account using MS sign in tool
2. Log into outlook, create test message.
3. Log out of outlook, confirm file is created in appropriate location (I have tested on Windows 7 as well as XP)
4. Copy oldmailprofile.nk2 to another location
5. Delete
6. Rename oldmailprofile.nk2 to
7. Copy username@microsoftmaildomain.nk2 to appropriate location
8. Log onto mail profile
9. Start typing message, NOTHING
10. Look in folder, there are now TWO files entitled files

I have confirmed hidden files are being shown, and extensions are not being hidden. I have looked in a command prompt and there are TWO identically named files in the same folder.

Any ideas?
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subversive99Author Commented:
We didn't have time to fight with this. We're using a tool called Nk2edit to merge NK2 files rather than renaming.
If you start using (sending few more emails) the Outlook generated NK2 you see the increase in the NK2 file-size?

IMO, E2010 store all of the NK2 files @ the mailbox properties
Glen KnightCommented:
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