Windows 2008 R2 Server dial out over LAN through Cisco 5300 Router

We have an old Cisco 5300 unit that we use to dial out with.  Right now we can do this over the network through our Windows 2003 server and it is listed as a Cisco Mica 5300 device.  I'd like to move this to a Windows 2008 R2 Server, but I don't see how I can set it up like it is on the current Windows 2003 Server.  I did not set it up originally on the Windows 2003 Server.   Are there drivers/software to allow this?  Or how can I connect over the network from the Win2008 box and dial out through the Cisco 5300?
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jpletcher1Author Commented:
We actually have a timeclock collection application that needs to dial out to a few of our very remote locations to connect to the time clock modems offsite.  I found an application that does this called DialOut EZ Redirector.  I had to get custom drivers from them as Cisco doesn't support 64bit drivers for the 5300, but once they got those to me it works like a charm.

I should have posted this sooner so you didn't have to spend time on it.  Thanks for your response either way.
Firmin FrederickSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Hi there - when you say dial out - as in FAX services or as in dial up networking for internet connection?

OK I googled Cisco 5300 very quickly and nothing driver related came up however there is a newer model that also has Wi-Fi facilities by the look of it.

Now the old unit may very well be picked up without problems on the 2008 servr simply because Cisco and MS have good relations.  From then on it's a case of tying in FAX and dial up services to the device.  I cannot remember if fax services are installed by default during 2008 installation but you can add this as a feature post-install and use the Cisco 5300 as the preferred fax/modem connection.

If you are using the modem to connect to the internet and wish to use this as the means for other machines on the network to connect to the internet then simply set the 2008 box as default gateway on your network machines or in DHCP.

As a fax/modem once installed the Cisco 5300 should be available in Active Directory for use by all network users otherwise just make sure it is shared on 2008 box and direct users/PCs to it via "Network" / "my network places" /"network neighborhood".

Key item to be aware of is that your first step is successfully installing the unit on 2008 box.

I'm leaving for the rest of the week and I hate to leave this open but if you need additional info and suggestions for going broadband for example - then please email me -

Good luck.
jpletcher1Author Commented:
Found a software redirection product called DialOut EZ that works perfectly for this scenario.
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