What code would I use in a cmd file to delete specific backup files?

I have set up  task manager in Windows Server 2008 R2 to back up an Access 2007 DB  every hour, 12 hours/day, every week day.
These files are saved as  .accdb files in  F:\xyz

I need to write a .cmd file that will be triggered by task manager once a day to delete all .accdb files in F:\xyz that are  >  1 day old.
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If you don't mind using a small free command line utility, take a look at DELAGE32:


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Any reason (SECURITY) not to set ExecutionPolicy in Windows Powershell to Remote Signed- Thanks
PDSWSSAuthor Commented:
I was not clear enough in my question. I need to delete the folders that contain the backup files not just the files.  Thanks
A simple way might be moving the older files to a new folder and then deleting them, for example,

@Echo off
md F:\xyz\Olderfiles
robocopy "F:\xyz" "F:\xyz\Olderfiles" *.accdb /e /v /r:2 /w:0 /mov /MINAGE:1
RD /S /Q "F:\xyz\Olderfiles"
PDSWSSAuthor Commented:
None of the answers provided by the experts answered the question as I needed it to be answered. Therefore, I reposted and made it clearer what I was looking for. I received an excellent answer in the repost. Thanks
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