New domain name on reinstall of SBS 2003

I am having to completely reinstall SBS 2003.  Before this, I backed up the Exchange server private and public databases with a view to copy them back in so as to not lose contacts, etc.

Right now the install is asking me for a DNSName.  So there's a bit of a rush.

I would like to name the DNSName to something new to avoid some SSL 2-name issues, etc..  Are the .ebd, etc. files "branded" to the old Domain name?  Or will I be able to use them even though the name changed.

In fact, even if creating the same User name, I believe that the system will see them as new users.  Would that prevent me from getting to that backed up data?  Or does the copying over of the backed up files copy over the users as well?

Is there a way to do what I want?

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Cliff GaliherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You cannot restore a system-state from a file-only backup.

The tool I use when I need to work with .edb files directly is OnTrack PowerControls. It isn't particularly cheap, but isn't horrendously expensive considering the cost of data recovery. There may be cheaper, but I wouldn't trust 'em.

Yes, you will need to rejoin all computers to the new domain. Again, security IDs matter.

ABC.local using ABC as a Netbios name is common, but there need not be any relationship between the two.

Finally, generally speaking, if your questions get too far off-topic from the original question (even if it is the same project), it is considered courteous to ask as a new question so other experts can answer, so points aren't being split 20 ways, and most importantly, so future solution seekers can quickly find their answer from a google/bing search without having to read through 20 "assisted solution" posts that were actually answers to different/subsequent questions.

Cliff GaliherCommented:
The databases are stamped with AD information and you will not be able to mount them on a new install, even if you kept the *same* domain name. It all boils down to internal security identifiers. If you are doing a clean install and cannot restore a system-state backup to recover your old AD infrastructure, you will have to use a 3rd-party utility to extract individual mailboxes from the databases and then import them into the new database that will be created when you install SBS fresh.

FrittersAuthor Commented:
Ah! So it's worse than I thought.  So I might as well pick a DNSDomain name I like, it seems.  Please confirm this before I press "OK".  <g>

Now.. regarding a System state backup.  This complete reinstall became necessary because Acronis backup were corrupted.  I was not able to restore the entire C: drive or volume.  I SHOULD  be able to do some file/folder restores from one of those backups of the "system drive".  Is the System state something that can be restored on a file by file basis?

If not, is there a reasonably priced 3rd party utility?  I'm a small business that (hopefully) will use it on a one-time basis?

Or, I suppose one of "you guys" could connect and do it?  Cost?
FrittersAuthor Commented:
Whether I rename or not, I assume that each of my users (very few) will have to have their computers join the new domain, right?
FrittersAuthor Commented:
If the internal doman name I give it is ABC.local, is there a normal naming convention for the NETBios name?  Since it doesn't accept "." in the name, is is normally ABC?
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