issue with registering a 32 bit DLL on 64 Bit system

Trying to register a dll using regsvr32.exe on a windows 2008 Ent 64 bit server.
getting the following error. DLL is in the same path
the module psintcpt.dll was loaded but the entry-point DLLregister Server was not found. make sure that psintcpt.dl.dll is valid DLL or OCX file and then try again
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sirineniConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
this is not my dll..its by third party
Hi Sirineni,
I don't know if the dll was created by you or a 3rd party. I just give my own experience here. If I build 32bit dll myself on Visual Studio, I will switch the platform to x86, not leaving it as AnyCPU (by default). When you identify the platform clearly, that dll is compatible on Wins 64 bit. You may use different IDE or CPU, please adjust to suitable platform in this case. Hope it helps.
sirineniAuthor Commented:
I dont think this will work unless code is recompiled. So with drawing teh question
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