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Posted on 2011-05-10
Last Modified: 2012-05-11

i have
String m = req.getParameter("montant");
float mont = Float.parseFloat(m);  

and this
session.setAttribute("solde",new Float(rs.getString("solde")));
f = ( (Float) session.getAttribute("solde") ).floatValue();

i want to make :

if (f>m)

but it dont work
Question by:keviin555
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    Accepted Solution

    it should be

    if(f > mont){
    f -= mont

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    Expert Comment

    float - is primitive reprsenting float number

    Float - is object - wrapper around the float primitive
    Float is not the same as float, you cannot add two Float objects,
    you cannot multiply them, etc
    float number is just a field of the Float object.
    therefore sya floatValue() is a method of Object Float which exposes
    this primitive field; new Float(float f) creates object with the primitive field eqqual to f.
    Float.parseFloat(String s)  - static method of the Float class - kind of convenience
    method which goes into details nanlyses all characters of string and figures out
    if these characters make up something that may reoresent float primitive number
    and returns this number, or, alternaticvely, throws exception indicating that this String is no
    good for making up a float number
    Static method has nothing to do with any particular Float isnstance

    method req.getParameter("name")
    always returns String, that String may either represent a number, or a text or anything,
    but at the moment when you get it
    m = req.getParameter("name"), m is just a String

    Therefore if(f>m)  makes no sense, f is float, m is String
    What you can do is to analyze what kind of Struing is m (see my previous post)
    and maybe ity is inded can be converted to number
    then you can make

    float f1 = Float.parseFlaot(m);
    and then you can compare
      f and f1
    if(f>f1) will be valide syntax



    Author Comment

    ohhh i'm so stupid :/
    i thout that Float and float are dirrerent
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    Expert Comment

    Float and float are different!!!
    Float - object
    float - primitive number
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    Expert Comment

    What was wrong with what cmalakar posted?
    Looks like exactly what was needed.

    > float f1 = Float.parseFlaot(m);
    > and then you can compare
    >  f and f1
    > if(f>f1) will be valide syntax

    thats exactly what cmalakar had already suggested
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    Expert Comment

    >>What was wrong with what cmalakar posted?

    I agree ;-)

    And the comment from author "ohhh i'm so stupid :/" was at same time, as accepted solution's comment.
    I wonder how it was selected.
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    Expert Comment

    Yes, my first comment was completely ignored, which has the solution for the question, and it suggests the same as the accepted solutions comment.

    "objects" thanks for asking the explanation.

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