Turn SWF Flash file to Hyperlink

How can I take a .swf flash file that a marketing agency sent me to put up - and make it clickable?  I need to hyperlink it to another page and can't edit the .swf
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dgofmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That exactly what I decribe in the post 35749292
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
So far as I can find in my research for one of my customers, the only way to do that is to embed it in the flash file.  When the swf is running, it owns that part of the screen and no clicking is recognized by the browser.  Some said it worked in one instance in one browser but all of the Googling I've done just comes up with the question and no other answer.
You can open in IFRAME or open in the new window check this movie as example

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If you upload the swf here, and give the url you want the swf to link to, I'll attempt to decompile it, insert a link, then send it back to you.

Most swfs can be decompiled if you have the software tools, but there are swfs that are encrypted and / or have the code obfuscated to prevent this.

Do you want the whole area of the swf to be clickable ? Or just a particular element on the stage (i.e. a button of some kind) ?
As quizengine and Dave sai

the best way is to implement the link inside the SWF itself.

and to toeach you how to fish instead of giving you just one: "Use the software 'sothink SWF Decompiler' software to grab the FLA file and change it to a clickable movie.

I can also do it for you if you want.

Another option you can create a HTML DIV element on top your SWF (overlay) and implement mouse event handler from JavaScript and propagate to SWF, otherwise open a parent page in IFRAME or new window.
It’s not the best practice but at least you don’t need to change SWF file and decompiling binary file what is illegal for most commercial products.
ProdigyOne2kAuthor Commented:
Hello - I did find a solution but the answer was not here

Here is the link for what I used - sorry for the slow responses on my end - I could not implement the link inside the SWF itself which of course is the best way

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