Servoy vs. Visual Foxpro 9.2

I feel like an utter traitor after nearly 20 years with Foxpro, but I am looking for opinions as on changing from Visual Foxpro to Servoy (Foxpro plugins).  Anyone with any experience?

The claims of total database access (DBF, Filemaker, SQL (all favors), cross platform compiling (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix) with a very Foxpro like language (with plugins) are very temping.   A replacement for Foxpro does not seem to be on  the horizon.

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CaptainCyrilConnect With a Mentor Founder, Software Engineer, Data ScientistCommented:
I don't think there will ever be a 100% replacement for FoxPro. Rapid application development, speed of execution and a light executable. It surely beats SQL in many ways.

I attended the webinar with Servoy. They do have something nice. It needs work though to get there.

There is also FoxInCloud which needs less work. Just a wrapper for the applicaton.

For now I am sticking with VFP till all machines become 128-bit machines. Nevertheless, I am following up with both Servoy and FoxInCloud.
pcelbaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Attempts to replace FoxPro are still "in progress"... No one is 100% compatible, no one is in production phase.

Guineu:  (last update one year ago)

VFP Compiler for .NET: (this really seems to be abandoned, the group does not communicate at all)

Visual Xbase++ from Alaska: (they are promissing some VFP apps converter)

Also dBase still exists:

I also know some open source projects (e.g. and one other group which is working on VFP replacement.

The ideal situation (100% compatibility) can never be achieved probably but the new product will come with new features for sure :-)

I am still optimistic and developing in VFP 9. This should remain unchanged even in Windows 8.

If you look at new releases on VFPX web ( then you may see the community is still alive and working on projects.

jrbbldrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The big question to be asked is "Why replace Foxpro?"

Yes, Micro$oft is no longer developing future versions of VFP, but so what?

This topic has been discussed in this forum and others for a good while now and the general concensus runs something like:
1. Some people are being FORCED to change due to pressure from their management.
2. Some developers are being FORCED to change due to market pressures from clients.
3. Others realize that there is no reason to rush to some change when Visual Foxpro is still being sold, still being supported by forums like this one, applications are still being developed, and the applications that have been created will be running well (if designed well) for a Long, Long time.

Those individuals who fall into categories 1 & 2 above are generally being forced into one of the .Net languages by outside forces.  The .Net languages are not really a bad choice and they do have general market awareness and acceptance.   The other (more Foxpro-like) languages do not share that general managerial/marketplace acceptance and therefore typically would not, by themselves, aleviate the concerns of those 'outside forces'.

Those individuals who fall into category 3 above have understood that there is no reason to rush and will be staying with VFP for a good while - perhaps while building their knowledge base in other alternative languages.

NOTE - The ability to change the Database 'backend' for FP/VFP applications to something like M$ SQL Server or MySQL while keeping a VFP 'front end' has, in some instances, aleviated some of the managerial anxiety for those instances where pressure from them is the reason for changing.  

Good Luck
dportasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If cross-platform support is important to you then Java seems like an obvious choice. Don't bet your career on one particular development environment or product if you can possibly avoid doing so.
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