Cisco RV220W port forwarding

This is my first time into a Cisco RV220W router. Not quite the same as Linksys or netgear

I need to set up port forwarding for PC Anywhere ports 5631 and 5632 to forward to
internal address

How do I do that
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WissamSenior Network EngineerCommented:
Firewall > Access Control > One-to-One NAT.

STEP 1 Choose Firewall > Access Control > One-to-One NAT.
STEP 2 In the Services for One-to-One NAT Table, click Add.
STEP 3 Enter the LAN Server IP address. This address should be in the private IP range
configured in the One-to-One NAT rules.
STEP 4 Choose the service for which the rule applies.
STEP 5 Click Save.

To add a one-to-one NAT rule:
STEP 1 Choose Firewall > Access Control > One-to-One NAT.
STEP 2 In the One-to-One NAT Rules Table, click Add.
STEP 3 Enter information in the following fields:
• Private Range Begin—The starting IP address in the private (LAN) IP
• Public Range Begin—The starting IP address in the public (WAN) IP
• Public IP Subnet Mask—The Subnet Mask of the public IP address.
• Range Length—Range length maps one to one private address to public
address up to the given range.
STEP 4 Click Save.
WissamSenior Network EngineerCommented:
Go to Firewall/Access Control/Custom Services. Create a custom service for whatever your incoming port numbers need to be.
Then go to Firewall/Access Control/IPv4 Firewall Rules and use the services you created (or a predefined one) to map to whatever internal IP address/port you like.

scottech2130Author Commented:
Hi, I did set up the custom service but when I looked at the firewall rule set up that seem to be a bit confusing. I am not at it right now but I think the choices were
untrusted wan
trusted lan
services, I selected the PCanywhere that I just put in

as I went down the page I could not see where I specified that I wanted the port 5631/5631 to go to
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scottech2130Author Commented:
So in the "to add  a one to one Nat rule"

the private range would be my
and the
public rage would be their 1 static IP address assiged by the ISP and the public IP subnet would the

Range length? of 1

I am not at the unit right now so I am not picturing what the range length looks like.
scottech2130Author Commented:
I set these up like you said and when I get to the one to one nat rules I put in the static IP given by the ISP which works on Linksys and Netgear it say public ip cannot be same as WAN IP

I have a static address given by ISP and a gateway address given by ISP and a subnet of
scottech2130Author Commented:
I read on the internet that for the RV220W 1 to 1 nat you need multiple public addresses from ISP.

We only have 1 assigned

Is there another way to go
scottech2130Author Commented:
Update, we got a block of Static IP's assigned by the ISP
I set up the 1 to 1 to use the next Public Static IP and wil see if it works from offsite
scottech2130Author Commented:
Might have worked but the Cisco RV220W is too hard to set up and I switched to the Linksys 4400N instead
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