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harddisk dosent work until chkdsk is done

hello everybody,

i have a 2.5" IDE hard disk, i use it as external hard drive with a USB enclosure, the problem is that sometime the disk is not accessible anymore, so i remove the hard disk from the enclosure and put it in a laptop and make a chkdsk to it from dos, that way the drive works again, but i can't do a chkdsk if the drive is in the enclosure because it's not accessible , now the drive did this again, how can i fix it without taking it and putting it in a laptop? because i don't have a laptop with an IDE connection anymore

Thank you in advance.
3 Solutions
I think the problem is with the enclosure / the case of the hard disk. Try to change / use another case.
a77Author Commented:
tried, still the same problem
Kalpesh ChhatralaSoftware ConsultantCommented:
may be Hard Disk is not accessible due to Bad Sector on Hard Disk.

So take all backup from your Hard Disk and Full Format HDD

may be your problem solved.
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a77Author Commented:
how can i take full backup or even format the disk while it's not accessible ?
so i remove the hard disk from the enclosure and put it in a laptop and make a chkdsk to it from dos, that way the drive works again,

Its accessible after a chkdsk, right? If so, check your SYSTEM logs in the Event Viewer, and you should see various DISK/NTFS errors. Probably sa ton of them. If you see errors with bad blocks, use windows to simply copy the data off, once it is accessible again.
Chkdsk repairs file-system corruption.

If you often have file-system corruption this indicates other issues. If you remove the USB disk from the PC without first clicking on "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media", or if after clicking that you don't wait until the PC tells you it can be removed now, file-system errors can be caused. Also, what File-System are you using, FAT or NTFS?

Other causes could be as indicated above a bad USB enclosure, but you seem to have ruled that out.

Further causes can be issues with the HD itself. Test the HD (attached directly to the PC, not via USB) using the HD manufacturer's diagnostic utility. That should show you if there are issues with the HD itself, and some can sometimes be repaired using the same utility. But often you will just have to replace the HD. You can find those tools on the UBCD:

nobusbiljart fanCommented:
you can run HDDRegenerator also - it recovered several disks for me : http://www.dposoft.net/
**note : you have to connect it to sata or IDE directly; not with USB
a77Author Commented:
thanks everybody, but the bottom line is that i need to run chkdsk or HDDRegenerator on my hard using the USB enlosure (because i don't have any system that support 2.5" ide hard drive)
so . . . :(?

If you have any 3.5" drive systems..... It will allow you to slave it directly...
a77Author Commented:
sounds like the only solution , thanks eveyone
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